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We've heard about the malicious attacks of late but what do these malicious attacks mean for individuals and small business operators such as authors?

Put simply it means that one wrong click, one slightly dodgy website visit, one accidental email link opened could cost you every single word you've ever written. Manuscripts, research, business and marketing plans, cover art, notes, passwords and logins... could all be gone in an instant OR you could end up with a ransomware attack (you'll have to pay to get your data back and there's no guarantees the other side will honour the request). Worse still, your author social media profiles and even your website could be hacked and the years and years of branding that you've been building could be destroyed immediately.

If this is happening to Australian government agencies, private businesses and organisations it's a reality that it could happen to any one of us... 2020 is just the year that keeps on giving, isn't it?!

So, where to from here? How do you properly protect your data? Backup as it used to look is now considered wholly out-of-date and ineffective. This includes external hard drive backups and cloud/self-managed backups all of which are notoriously unreliable and much less secure than you probably realise. With the technological landscape ever-changing, offsite backup is now considered to be the industry standard. Offsite backup protects your data through rigorous and exceptionally strict security protocols whilst also being updated continuously and adapting to new or changed attack attempts. For the user, offsite backup offers some other factors that are equally as important. These include automatic daily backup (loss of data therefore being minimal to none), this also enables increased productivity as backup takes place in the background without requiring you to stop work or fiddle around with settings yourself. Add to this, a marked decrease in risk of possible deletion of old backups or data (which are then mostly irretrievable), no risk of corrupted hardware or software, or even stolen/missing external hard drives, a far less likely chance of being targeted in a malicious attack, and reliability that is currently unrivaled. 

80GB backup storage
$49.95/month or $399* annually (*that's a $300 saving!)


- Account paid in full prior to commencement of Backup Managed Services
- You will be sent a remote access link upon payment that initiates backup services and from there RLE will handle the rest!

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